Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Report

Hey all! This is moongirlknits, bringing you this weekend's report!

With the month half-over, classes are pouring in.

I loved looking through the Herbology thread, where the emphasis this month is fall colours - for example, check out DrusillaWormwood's homework (turn-in post No. 250). I wish the yarn was mine - these colours are so vibrant.

cropped ws fall 00

Don't forget about the mass-turn-in days for Team Human in the Zombies versus Humans Unity Theme! (28-31st October)

Please, when turning in classes, remember to include your ravelry name and the fact that you are from the House of Slytherin. Otherwise you won't be able to earn bonus points!

Of course, if you're still not quite sure what to make for a class, check out Fosterson's handy-dandy October classes review - with ideas of what to make and ratings of class difficulty - posted in the Slytherin Study Hall Thread (post No. 43).

If you have something unfinished from last month, you can always turn it into Detention! Starting this month, you can earn ten points for your first project. However, Detention still does not count for the one-class-a-month requirement.

OWLs must be turned in for mid-term points by the end of October! OWL modifications are no longer accepted. Keep on working on the OWLs and NEWTs, guys!

Speaking of NEWTs, there is a new contest! Design the NEWT badges and you could win awesome prizes (such as yarn or knitting books)! Designs may be submitted until 25 October, and voting will be held during the first half of November. Go and check out the submissions thread (in the main group) for details, or just to see the pretties!

Sports - Although the House Pride Exhibition is over (we scored a total of 1,290 points! Congrats Slytherins!), regular Quidditch is still open! If you're stuck on what to make for classes, flying may be just the thing to clear your mind. Or, obviously, you could go visit the Study Hall.

The Slytherin Pride Swap is currently underway, with 43 people participating! Many thanks go to abycat, the wonderful swap organizer! As a reminder - the mailing deadline is 31 October (which is a Sunday, so depending on where you live it may be better to make it the 30 or even the 29).

The Slytherin Yule Exchange also has started, with 35 participants! It is organized by the amazing peanutzmom. The mailing deadline is 1 December. Please remember that this is a secret swap, so the person you're mailing the package to shouldn't know that you were the one who sent it until they recieve it!

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is getting colder and colder, which means that wool season is coming soon! I know that I have had cause to dig out my gloves, hats, and scarves when I walk to the bus stop in the morning before the sun rises - it is cold!

I'm hoping that wherever you are, you're having a lovely fall or spring! Of course, sometimes RL (real life) gets in the way of crafting. If this is the case, don't worry! PM our wonderful HoH Girlywithatwist - I'm sure that you'll be able to figure something out.

If you have any suggestions, there is a new Suggestion Box in the Snake Pit! Or, if it's something concerning the entire cup, the link to the Suggestion Box is in the group description of the HPKCHC. Remember that the staff are dedicated to improving the House Cup, and are always open to ideas!

We still have half of term left! Get crafting and let's win the House Cup back from Ravenclaw!

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