Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Report

Greetings. I'm Rockinsticks and this is ........... Weekend Report.
The top story this week is of course the posting of a new slew of classes. Are you ready to craft your defenses against the undead, take a trip backward or forward in time, maybe spend a little time chatting with the ghosts of Hogwarts? Aren't we lucky (wink wink nudge nudge) that our Slytherin Unity theme this month just happens to be Zombies v. Humans.

Do you support the undead or wish to defend mankind against them? I'm a "if you can't beat them join them" kindda gal so I've joined team zombie and have crafted something zombirific.

Those of you opting for team human - craft something that will combat zombies. We will be doing a mass posting of these projects between Octotober 28th and 31st.

Weather - A light smattering of laceweight is predicted for Monday evening with stitch marker sized hail.

In sports - Quidditch is still on. Remember kids - one quidditch project is worth the same points as a class project, so if you're feeling a little meh about classwork take a little zip around the pitch in our or any other house colors to clear your head and pull some points in.

Our first October Wildlife Review is extremely triumphant. All hail Mkissa, Peanutzmom, Dusillawormwood, Folk, Knitsquid and Eurekas who all submitted their 50% OWLs this week. You have inspired me to pick mine up again despite the nip in the nether regions it gave me two weeks ago.

Speaking of OWL disenchantment, you have until October 15th (yes, next Friday) to post a change request.

Forgivable Curse of the week - Son of a stitch!

I'm sure my fellow snakes will not be cursing Abycat and Peanutzmom who have organized two separate and delightful swaps to cheer us all up. If you signed up for either the Slytherin Yule Exchange or the Slytherin Pride Swap keep your eyes open for owls with pms announcing your intended giftee.

And lastly from our sub-human interest desk I'm going to abuse my powers as blog reporter and try to con my fellow snakes into doing my homework this week.

As you know Divination class is taking us to the realms of tassomancy and scrying this month. Well I tried scrying with a bowl of vodka but it kept disappearing so here is my tea leaf photo. What do you see? Leave a comment and let me know what you see in my knitting future.
Signing off and saying slither on my sinuous pals.

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  1. I see a dragon head at the top left and an armadillo at the bottom.