Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snake Stalking: Maigret

Today's interview is being posted by Caitirin on behalf of Serra Bloodsong


Hello, hi, and good morning. This is Snake Blogger Serra Bloodsong reporting in with today’s Snake Stalking report. Yesterday..I was just wandering along, minding my own business of course…(waits to hear audience chorus “of course” back to me) when I spotted the most fabulous pair of green leather boots..and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t going to follow those feet all around the castle until I had cornered maigret in the loo. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your real name(first name that is) and why did you choose the user name that you use?

My real name is - Ellen. My Rav name is the gaelic version of my middle name Margaret.

How long have you been crafting with pretty string?

Well my Gram taught me to knit when I was little, then gave it up for a while then got back into it. So overall about 30 years. only knitting though, learned to crochet about a year ago but really have not stuck with it.

Why did you want to be in Slytherin?

Why Slytherin? - I started in Gryffindor first term - totally based on the book impression, but found the chit chat, Dr Who, Merry Beasts and the hotties more my style in Slytherin so transferred and LOVE it.

What is your favorite part of being in Slytherin? The cup?

Favorite part of being in Slytherin? - People, hotties and chit chat. I have made lots of new friends in this house who support and mentor their team mates. I have been inspired by many of them and have started a new craft - spinning totally based on inspiration from house mates.

Favorite part of the cup - the classes always inspire me to make something. It uses up my stash but then I end of adding more:)**

If you could change anything about the cup, what would it be and why?

Changes to the cup? - Have more classes where you could use a WIP. We all have a few and it would be great to have a class each term that we could use them in.

Who do you look up to in your house? In the cup as a whole?

Well, Coleva and Fosterson have been my inspiration for learning to spin. The Crazy A’s have just been inspirational overall:). There are so many people, Scarlett, GG, Isis and many others to numerous to name.

Oh one other thing I am in awe of all of the house mates who can photoshop:) I have had some awesome ravs and banners made for me by them all.

One last thing, I am a Beater for our Slytherin pride days along with Peantuzmom and we would LOVE it if everyone would:

* put on their rav badges
* enter one item
* come to the Quidditch thread for the 4 days Sept 24-27 to enter a cheer(poem, picture, saying) for our team

Can I add one more thing?

I like being a Big Snake to my little snakelings - not sure what question that fits in.**

Wow…I think I ended up being Snake Stalked..ah well..Slytherins will be Slytherins. ^_^ Thanks so much maigret for your time and be sure to wash your hands.

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