Monday, February 1, 2010

Enabling to the Extreme

So while waiting for classes earlier today, I took some time to look for more Slytheriny goodness. It was a great day until the little Slytherboys decided to act like little heathens. But now they are in bed and I have some peace and quiet...along with some sangria and the race car driver who always makes me squee like a school girl. Anyway, onto the Slytherific goodness.

First in line is a Professor Severous Snape plushie. I think it totally captures his essence perfectly. And its squishy to boot. Although I am not sure if our dear Professor would be amused by this.

Next in line is a Slytherin Crest Silver Bracelet. It can also be converted into a necklace if you prefer that as well. There are quite a few really cool items in this shop so be sure to check the rest of them as well.

And then there was the Basilisk. A very large snake that puts the fear of Voldemort into many. But we as Slytherins embrace the snake. So no fear here.

And last but certainly not least, a Slytherin Inspired Pendant. It features a snake, a broomstick, and is sparkly. What more do you need? How about a pair of earrings to go with it?
And now I am off to go find those circular needles for Potions class. I think I saw them in the race car but can't quite remember. Well, the race car driver can help me find them.
Until next time...

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