Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome to the Dungeon...

...we have fun and games...

Well, we do.

Anyway, welcome Slytherins to the new Dungeon Blog. We'll be posting suggestions for classes, tips and plans for Quidditch, and juicy gossip from the Dungeon Bar (and the Hottie Bartenders) throughout the term. I'm ScarlettB, the Head of House. Zanahoria12 is your Quidditch Captain - she'll be doing some Quidditch Plotting throughout the term, as we gear up for the Ravelympics. Your Prefects are Suenosdejmi and Sea-Jelly, who'll be keeping an eye on everything. Your Head Snake (aka The Queen of the Big Snake/Little Snake Program) is Kikipotamus - she'll let you know what Nest the new Firsties are in, and who their Big Snakes are. And DNATheory will be acting as our Gossip Girl, filling you in on all the most important happenings, in case you go away for a day and come home to find 596 posts written in your absence, and just want the Cliff Notes version!

Add this blog to your bookmarks, favorites, and RSS feed - you're not going to want to miss a word!

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