Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Phew!  With Sorting today and new classes on Friday, this week is getting pretty hectic!

First off, I'm Kara, or dnatheory on just about every internet site ever, and I'm going to do my best to keep everyone in the loop with the Dungeon goings-on this term.  My plan is actually to foist off the Gossip Girl title onto Suenosdejmi, but I'll be posting lots of different fun things in addition to her summaries of the common room.

First-years and transfer students, I'm also your Welcome Witch, so feel free to ask me anything at all if you're lost or confused.  Slytherin is (surprisingly?) full of friendly and wonderful people, so jump right in and make yourself at home.

Finally, just to make sure everyone is on the same page:  classes go up on Friday, so try not to cast on anything new until then!  You're free to start projects at midnight PrincessOnica time (Pacific time).  You can swatch and photograph OWL supplies before then, but don't start working on your OWLs until after they're approved by the examiner (ours is Fricknfrack).  OWLs and Quidditch are totally voluntary, but definitely encouraged!

Stay tuned; there will be lots more fun stuff posted here as the term gets underway.


  1. Thanks for the welcome mail. Looking forward for a wonderful semester as a Slytherin.