Monday, July 1, 2013

Remembrall: 1-7 July

This week all eyes are on the Quidditch pitch with the first Scrimmage against Gryffindor ending on Wednesday 3rd.  If you haven't crafted anything for the Racing Brooms theme, head over to the Slytherin Locker Room for ideas.

On Sunday 7th, the second Scrimmage against Ravenclaw begins, crafting Quidditch Equipment.  You could craft a Quaffle, Bludger, Snitch, Goal Post, Beaters bats, equipment cleaning cloths or gripping mitts.  Spinners or dyers are to concentrate on Quaffle, Bludger or Snitch coloured yarn.  As always the Slytherin Locker Room will be full of ideas to help you out.

All of the final months classes should be up by now so check them out and plot your crafting.  Printable lists and whimsical ideas for class will soon be up at the Slytherin Study Hall.  We'll try and post links to them in next weeks Remembrall too.

For those who like to be planned out and organised, this month's calendar is available to print out (with a young Snape theme) to help you out.

Those who are completing Order Missions can start handing them in this Sunday.  Don't panic if you're not ready yet as you have until the 21st to finish.

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