Monday, June 3, 2013

Remembrall: 3-9 June

Have you read through all the class prompts yet?  If not, don't worry because the Handy Printable Prompts List is up and ready for this month's classes.  Stuck for an idea?  Check out the Whimsical Class Suggestions over at the Study Hall.

Before you plot out all of your classes you might want to head over to the Forbidden Forest and check out this month's Gryffindor Unity.  Getting yourself a crafting partner early on and working out which class you are going to post to will make things much easier.  And remember, Unity projects count towards your Slytherin Quest.

...speaking of the Quest, have you turned in May's project list or collage?  It's well worth heading over the the Quest thread to see what everyone else has been crafting over the past month too.

And last but by no means least we of course have Quidditch!  Those of you on the Sprint team will want to be readying your needles and hooks and choosing that yarn because the patterns are up and the match starts on Thursday.

I don't want the rest of you sitting back while the team sprint to the finish line because we can all take part and earn points in the Pep Rally.  No crafting required, but you do need to take a team photo!  Details of both the Sprint and the Pep Rally can be found over at the Quidditch Pitch.  Help, ideas and support in all things Quidditch can as always be found in the Slytherin Locker Room.

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