Monday, June 24, 2013

Remembrall: 24-30 June

The first Quidditch Scrimmage against Gryffindor begins on Thursday 27th.  The theme is racng brooms and the aim is to craft something used for cleaning or maintaining your broomstick such as a broom cloth, something to help you operate it such as Quidditch mitts or finally you could spin or dye broom coloured yarn.  Head over to the Slytherin Locker Room for ideas, info and support.

You will no doubt all know that classes need to be handed in (full or partial, get them posted) by Sunday 30th, but have you remembered that your 75% NEWTs and 50% OWLs also need handing in?

Those who are participating in this month's Unity with Gryffindor, don't forget your Unity project or partner and make sure you have posted to the class thread and the Unity thread.  Those of you who haven't yet found a partner will still have a chance to find someone if you rish over there now.

For the exceedingly organised who have everything completed on schedule, now is a good time to get some work done on next month's Detention turn in, or handing in your collages or project lists for the Slytherin Quest.

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