Monday, June 10, 2013

Remembrall: 10-16 June

This week's excitement is concentrated on the Quidditch Pitch with the Speed Sprint still ongoing.  All of our team have now sprinted to the finish line, but we can still earn points for Slytherin by cheering in the Pep Rally right up until Wednesday 12th!

Otherwise it's quiet around Hogwarts, but don't lean back and relax, now is the best time to get some work in on those Advanced Studies.  Pay particular attention to those OWLs and NEWTs as we are only a few weeks away from the next percentage deadlines.  Don't forget your Order Missions either as they need handing in well before the end of term.

Next week is your last chance to hand in portfolio entries for the Headmistress Challenge and you can do four in total.  Last term Slytherin totally rocked the Challenge so let's try and beat the rest again by handing in as many portfolio entries as we can.

...and don't forget your classes.  ;)

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