Monday, March 4, 2013

The Remembrall: 4th - 10th March

The Quidditch Square Deal Challenge started on Sunday.  You can craft a whole new project for it or get some much needed work done on your Blanket Square collection.  For the knitting and crochet options, "squares" are components so you can actually craft triangles, fish, hexipuffs or anything that tessellates.  Check out the video for more information and visit the Slytherin Locker Room for help, ideas and patterns.

Those taking part in the Patronus Swap need to get parcels posted off by the 8th.

Order Missions can be handed in starting Sunday 10th, so if yours is complete get it in.  If not, remember this is the final month and work must be completed by the 24th.

Other than that it's a quiet week for most Slytherins so get working on those OWLs, NEWTs, Order Missions and classes ready for the end of the month.

Class professors this isn't a quiet week for you at all unfortunately.  Remember to get your month end marking completed at the start of this week.

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