Monday, March 25, 2013

The Remembrall: 25th - 31st March

Welcome to the last week of term, there's lots going on!

On Thursday the final Quidditch game ends but if you still haven't got a plan or a team head over to the Player's Lounge and get a nice team together who can craft something that's quick to make.

If you handed in homework for Charms class in January and February don't forget that handing in all three classes gets you bonus points. It's worth starting to craft something small and simple at this point in the game to hand in for the March class if you haven't done so already.

The end of term signals not only the final date for class work but also the final date for OWLs and NEWTs.

...and if you can't complete a project in time for the deadline, remember that you can hand it in as a partial.

When all your projects are as complete as they are going to get, don't forget the Slytherin Quest.  Your March collage and term's questing can be handed in on April 1st if you need extra time, and it's a good idea to go and check that your project pages or hand in posts are tagged so that the quest staff can find them when it's time to start prize nominations.

For those who have got everything done and are wistfully looking ahead to the start of the new term, remember that now may be a good time to cast on a Detention project for next term or start plotting next term's NEWTs and OWLs.  You might even want to think about helping out as a member of HP-KCHC Staff or Slytherin Staff next term, it's lots of fun.

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