Sunday, March 31, 2013

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, March 23-30ish

Well, it’s end of another term here at Hogwarts and the classrooms are packed with students flying in to turn in their last minute assignments before spring break.

This week the hard working Badgers came out on top:
1. Hufflepuff with 114 and a partial
2. Slytherin with 105
3. Gryffindor with 99 and a partial
4. Ravenclaw with 96

The Lions have been very active yesterday and today, though and are already up to 65 and a partial in a day and a half.

The overall March totals are reflective of the grand totals, so let’s get right to it:

The Lions are on top with 1489 homework assignments.
Second place for the Slytheriffic Snakes with 1340
It’s a Badgertastic third with 1311
And fourth in homework assignments were the Claws with 1232

It’s been a great term Noble Slytherins! Sadly I must take a break from Hogwarts for a while; it’s been a pleasure keeping you informed to keep your plotting on track. Keep up the great work. Never give up, never surrender!

Most importantly, we all love HPKCHC so enjoy the big end of term parties and be good to one another.

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