Monday, February 25, 2013

The Remembrall: 25th Feb. - 3rd March

Have you recovered from Hogsmeade Weekend yet?  Nope, me neither.  Let's start by heading over to the Slytherin Study Hall for some help cramming those Hogsmeade projects into some class prompts.  Even if it's a non-Rav craft there's still a slight chance you can use it for class if you ask the Professors before you hand it in.

Now, what have we got going on this week?

Well, on Wednesday 27th the Quidditch Paired Pattern Game ends so if you've sworn to craft something with your Quidditch partner remember to get it handed in on time.  If you haven't begun anything there is still time to find a partner and craft.  Head over to the Players Lounge for helping finding that last minute partner (or to find one for the team event next month).  We've been doing well on this one so if you can join in we may have a chance of maintaining the lead right up to the finish line on this Game.

Thursday 28th is not only the deadline for class projects but also for posting your OWL 50% and NEWT 75% progress.  If you're done, don't wait til the last minute, get it handed in as there are many lovely points at stake.

For those who have everything in order, now may be a good time to start/work on next month's Detention project or make a Slytherin Quest Collage.

If you are geared up for plotting and can't wait for the new month's class prompts, start plotting for the Quidditch Square Deal Challenge which starts on Sunday 3rd.  Head over to the Locker Room for inspiration, ideas and pattern links if you want them.

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