Monday, February 11, 2013

The Remembrall: 11th - 17th Feb.

Quidditch Shades ends on Tuesday 12th
If you haven't taken part in this challenge yet, visit the Slytherin Locker Room for some pattern ideas (there is now a patterns for the current challenge/game link in the header).  We're doing well this term, but those Hufflepuffs are hard to beat so every project counts.

To get a quick overview, last week's Remembrall had a video of the important points.  As well as crafting specific items that block the sun such as hats, you can also spin, dye or weave taking inspiration from the sun or from things that block the sun such as clouds or trees.

OWL changes deadline on Thursday the 14th
How is your OWL progress going?  Nearing that 50% mark or getting stuck?  If you're having problems with the project as you proposed it, you have until Thursday to make changes to your initial proposal so get things worked out and any requests in ASAP.

Quidditch Paired Pattern starts Saturday 16th
This one requires a partner and the best place to find one is the Players Lounge.  Get the basic info on the Game via the video below.

End of Headmistress Challenge Sunday 17th
If you haven't taken part yet and still need someone to duel with, visit The Anteroom because there's still time!

...and remember that February is a short month with progress deadlines in both OWLs (50%) and NEWTs (75%) at the end of it.

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