Friday, February 22, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

It's Hogsmeade Weekend!!! Woohooo!!!

So rather than show off whats been happening outside the common room, run, don't walk to Hogsmeade!

First up, you will need a MAP. This will link you to all of the Hogsmeade shops. There are shops in each of the common rooms and in the Main House Cup threads.

Each of the shops will have activities that you can try. Some are crafting related and some are not. All are fun. Ravelry crafts that you complete for Hogsmeade can also be turned in for classes, quidditch, etc (assuming they also meet the prompt).

Some highlights:

Dye Self Striping yarn and make squares in Three Broomsticks. Awesome Tutorial!!

Get your bling on with Beads at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt at the Wizarding Wireless Network.

Tell jokes and get some laughs at Zonko's Joke Shop.

Share some stories in the Hog's Head Inn - each day is a different theme.

The Shrieking Shack is for Enabling Enablers Who Enable.

Honeydukes Sweet Shop is about recipes and crafting food related items. 

Help Baby Witch restock baby items and amigurumi.

Dervish and Banges is about refurbishing and repairing.

The OWL Post needs help with their Owl rotation.

Gladrags Wizardwear is about all things Mini- mini socks, mini sweaters, etc.

Make or read a book at Tomes & Scrolls.

Get your paper craft on at Scrivenshafts Quills.

Wisacre's Wizarding Equipment is having a Wiseacre’s Modular Madness Sale!

And don't forget the shopping - Knockturn Alley

Happy Hogsmeade Weekend!!

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