Friday, February 15, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

Happy Day After Valentine's to you! Here's what's happening around the Dungeons...

Knockturn Alley

Knockturn Alley has been a little quiet but I imagine everyone is busy prepping their shops for Hogsmeade Weekend which will be Feb 22-24. Joseybug is looking for some graphics help though.

Ssspinning Lounge

The spinning lounge has been hopping with talk of spinning for sweaters and socks.
Eurekas posted this lovely NEWT spinning:

Hypercycloid posted this fun, colorful spin looking for pattern ideas:

Cattiekins is spinning some lovely polworth and silk thin:
And Joseybug shows off her NEWT Spinning:

Weaving Studio

The pillow weave along is continuing in the Weaving Studio. Alrischa has her gorgeous weave washed and ready:

Starknits is all warped up for a scarf for her dh:

Potions Lab

The Potions Lab has been quiet most of the term.  Hypercycloid dyed up this gradient fiber this week:

Happy Crafting!

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