Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

Welcome back to the Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

This term we are going to try something a little different.  Instead of a bracket tourney, we're going to try more of a league.  The Slytherin Hottie League.  Let me run down how this is going to work this term.

Each hottie will compete in matches throughout the term.  The winning hottie will get 3 points, the loser, nothing.  If the match ends in a tie each hottie will receive 1 point.

The hotties with the most points at the end of the regular season will go on to the playoffs which will take plays during the last 2 weeks of the term.  There is a minimum of 10 hotties required to play a season.  Depending on the number of hotties entered, the league may be split into divisions.  If this is the case, the playoffs will be redistributed for division titles then overall title of Hottest Hottie.

Now, how to get your hottie in the league.  Just nominate him or her when the form goes up the first week of term.  I know I stated that I would me creating teams, but I have since reconsidered.  If there is a hottie you feel should fill up the remaining spots, nominate them now!

Now let's have a little friendly match between the 6 hotties that have already qualified for the SHL.

Jensen Ackles vs. Nathan Fillion

Kili son of Dis (Aidan Turner) vs. Johnny Depp
David Tennant vs. Alexander Skarsgard

Now for the easy part, vote for for who you think should win each match!  You have until 23:59POT Wednesday January 16th.

Vote Now!

Vote now!


  1. I'm mad! DT vs AS? COME ON! I can't choose!

    1. Don't worry, it's just a friendly. Points dont's count. But, if this was a real match, they would be back next week against another hottie. There's no eliminations until playoffs!

  2. Oh! That was a battle!!

  3. Woohoo! I know who half of them are! That's totally a record for me. :) :) :) Admittedly it's because two of them are British TV actors and another is a famous screen pirate.

    Apparently I live under a rock as far as knowing international hotties are concerned. I'd educate myself but Mr Rickman, Mr Tennant and Mr Isaacs are quite enough to occupy me at present. :D

  4. Kili! Kili! Kili!

    Sorry, just practicing for later :)