Saturday, January 26, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

We are coming to the end of January. How are those classes going?

Spinning Lounge

Things have been hopping in the Spinning Lounge. We discussed points and spinning and that since Quidditch doesn't give yardage bonuses it makes more sense to spin for class unless you are spinning a smaller amount. Quidditch can be perfect for playing with a new technique - core spinning, faux lags, etc.

StarKnits showed this lovely green yarn for Charms:

and later had this Core Spun for Quidditch:

Alrischa added some angelina to some Jacob with wonderful results:

and then spun some faux lags up for Quidditch:

Seashelly had some gorgeous Pixies for more OWL spinning:

I really love this bfl and tees water that Ruthjw spun up together:

Eurekas had these wonderful spins to get 50% of her singles for her NEWT:

Hypercycloid showed off her first wheel spun yarn from class and this then led to a discussion of scotch vs irish tension and single vs double drive for wheels:

Joseybug has this Mad Eye Moody NEWT spinning:

Cattiekins spun this lovely Alpaca for class:

TriskaidekaMania: 13 Socks in 2013

 Do you like socks? Go check out the TriskaidekaMania thread. Some snakes are doing 13 socks and some are doing 13 pairs of socks - it's all good. Just stop by and talk socks.

Misselle has finished some Laughing Yaffle socks:

Panad made these fun Hexagon socks:

Cattiekins showed off this fun sock:

Hope you have a great week of crafting! Time to get those classes and Quidditch done!

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