Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - Snakes in Detention

It's" Work in Progress Wednesday" - What are you working on? 

It's been a slow month in Detention for Slytherins - we've  had 16 projects turned in with most projects  earning one or more badges!  Hopefully this means we are all plugging away at classes, Order Missions, OWLS and NEWTS!

Here are the projects turned in this past week-

 With her reversible chicken and egg project, bbhatsnstuff has us wondering-
 What came first - the chicken or the egg? 

Showing true Slytherin Pride- Ephiphonora's scarf is Going the Distance! 
She has earned the Distance Award and  a Lockhart Pin - what an awesome gift! 

Sly4100's father in law is sure to love these anything but vanilla - vanilla socks! 
Great job sticking it out and finishing these! 

Don't forget Snakes - this is the last week to earn the Fall Detention 2012 Awards! 
Look how shiny these Awards are - I know you want one!!! 

and we can't forget Lockhart!! 

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