Friday, November 30, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination – special fly by edition

It’s just hours until end of term and there’s a whirlwind of activity as students race in and out of classrooms to turn in their homework and wish their favorite professors a joyous winter break. In fact the blur of robes makes it really hard to keep ahead of the count.

The Claws are flying in from the Tower in droves. This week alone they’re ahead of the next closest house (yes, that’s us Snakes) by 77 homework projects. What did Drusilla stir up while visiting I wonder?

Here are the down and dirty numbers:

This week so far:
1. Ravenclaw 251 and a partial
2. Slytherin 174
3. Hufflepuff 166 and a partial
4. Gryffindor 159 and a partial

For November:
1. Ravenclaw 376
2. Slytherin 296
3. Hufflepuff 273
4. Gryffindor 267

And throw it all together…

1. Ravenclaw with 1554
2. Slytherin with 1360
3. Gryffindor with 1236
4. Hufflepuff with 1194

Now remember, this is JUST homework, no Detention (and Snakes are very fond of that), no Quidditch, OWLs or BROOMs. AND no bonus points. Not all homework is equal in our wise teachers eyes. But if you’re killing yourself to finish ONE-LAST-PROJECT, don’t; we’d hate for you to not to be able to lift your arms for the end of term party! We’re all in this game together, plus there’s always next term.

Remember to check in for fun things to do during the break and whatever you do – don’t miss the Sorting. Joyous break Noble Slytherins and stay crafty.

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