Sunday, November 11, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; Nov 3-9

Hey Snakes – This week was ours! Yay! Hoot! Holler! Whoop-whoop!

Great work Noble Slytherins; I know it’s easy to be distracted this time of year with the Quidditch Finals, Final OWL examinations and Broom turn-ins.

This week the standing are:

1. Slytherin with 23
2. Hufflepuff with 20
3. Ravenclaw with 19
4. Gryffindor with 17

Overall the Lions are still holding the lead for November and we’re tied in second with the Claws. However, the full tally shows us still trailing, but starting to catch up to the Ravenclaws and remember, this does not include Detention, bonus points or Quidditch, so it’s still anyone’s cup.

THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL END OF TERM. My, that went fast, didn’t it?

Let’s go Slytherin!

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