Thursday, October 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday... on Thursday!

Happy Second Week of October!!!! I can't believe we are almost halfway through term! 

This past week in Detention we've had some great turn ins from our fellow Snakes...  and it seems these projects have been brought to use by the letter "C"... we've gotten a few cozy projects, a couple of caps and a chicken! 

Check out these cool mittens from Rockinsticks! 

Something to keep someone cozy from Lunathecat! 

and something to keep wine glasses cozy from Seashelly! 

ElizabethsMommy has the start to something cozy here with her blanket square. 

Jessajune and PlainSimpleGarak gave us hats! 

Cookknitwine has my favorite Detention Project of the past 
                                       A chicken egg cozy!!! I love it! 

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