Friday, September 28, 2012

The Slug Club, weeks 3 and 4!

Step right up and feast your eyes on crafted feats of derring-do and snakey skill, perpetrated by your fabulous housemates!

In HoM, PprmntMochaMama displays courage in the face of colour with her striped tam!

Knittingvortex dives right into the heart of pattern writing to come up with these lovely mitts for Flying class!

Debbaworks comes face-to-face with the feared Professor Snape to get her socks finished for Charms!

Tinyfury tames her wild DPNs with a handy Hagrid-shaped pouch in DADA!

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In Ancient Runes, sentstarr tackles the fashion fracas that was 19th century Britain to craft a stunning Slytherin reticule!

In Herbology class, there's no keeping KarenRedBaron away from house points, even with an apple a day!

Krystalline laughs at feathery danger in the Potions classroom, and captures a winged friend!

And last but certainly not least, Alrischa handily (footily?) conquers Muggle Studies with a pair of new school socks!

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