Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday Mix: Last Minute Homework Suggestions

At the time of writing, we have just about three days to go before the month ends. Three days. Time to churn out some homeworks and get them in. Here are a few suggestions:


What are you afraid of? Spiders? Bugs? Chapped lips? If you can't think of anything else, I suggest a chapstick cosy and say that you're afraid of having dry lips.


Anything in two colours, for a new wizard school. This would be the perfect place for more minisocks, snakes, and there's a list of resources for those here.


Answer the riddle. Answers already out there include a secret, a riddle, trust in your own abilities. For the free-spirited among you, I suggest improvising something - a scrubbie, a dishcloth, something small like that which you just pick up and go. For those who need more structure, what about something that looks like something else - a mystery. I suggest something like this candy corn dishcloth (knit) which looks like decorative candy, but is actually much healthier than that; or for crocheters, this sunny dishcloth which looks decorative but is actually useful. Secret purposes.


For the Knarl option, I suggest making a hedgehog. This one is crocheted and uses funky fur for the spikes. If you'd like to do the Streeler, why not dye something red, orange or yellow. If you dyed yarn all three colours, you'd be well on your way to knitting a hat to keep your son warm in his trav-els. Travels.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

I talked in my post a few weeks ago about tunisian crochet, so why not focus on making a container for your sneakoscope? A hat, a bag, a pair of mittens, any of these would work to hold it. I suggest these tiny purses (knit) or this coin purse (crocheted) as holders for very miniature sneakoscopes.

History of Magic

The key to this one is wearable items. Anything that can be worn should be turned in under option one here. The other key is to make it fabulous. If you have sparkly or novelty yarn, here's the place to use it. I suggest headbands as the ultimate fabulous accessory, such as this argyle headband. Or, you can just make a strip as wide as you like and a little shorter than the circumference of your head (for negative ease) and embellish away with buttons, ribbons, or any of these ornamental crocheted flowers.

Care of Magical Creatures

Having spent a little time with thestrals, I was thrilled to see this class. Of course, I've not turned it in yet, but I'm working on it. Anything made of worsted weight yarn will go in here. Why not make a golden snitch - I've heard of people putting catnip in them, to make cat toys out of them, too. You could also stuff it with lavender and keep your trunk smelling lovely in the dorms.

Muggle Studies

And here we hit the point where there's not a lot I can do to suggest. It all depends upon what you've already done. That said, mug cosies are a great wee canvas for practising new skills like cables, buttonholes, crochet, entrelac, colourwork - you get the picture.

Good luck, snakes. Make us all proud. Don't forget to turn in your classes.

Enable one another.

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