Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mix

In the interests of Trying Not To Lecture Fellow Snakes When I Have Been Slacking Off Badly On Pinterest Other Things, I present some of the good stuff from the week, for your entertainment :) and bid you all a wonderful day!

JoseyBug's armadillo

RockyMoreno (see next picture for the twisted-up version)

See? Balloon Monkey :)

Lambchop's first attempt at corespinning

Lamusicienne's monsterlette

Vox8 with one of her own design (I think I need this one now)

Cuddliest dragon I've ever seen by Mermaidboo

ShadyGrove's goes fishing

It's 10pm here in the south of Australia, and I'm going to try and finish... something! Night all!

::wanders off in short pajamas to tuck in her hottie::

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  1. Awesome!
    Thanks for the Bloggy-love!
    Everyone's projects are amazing!