Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Mix


The first challenge is underway! If you'd like to make a 25yard memento for future civilizations to find, you'll get 15 points for it. Sybil is pretty certain that the Snarfalump Army is going to wipe us out, so it's worth thinking about. :)

Points-wise, it may be better to get 6 classes under your belt first, as there is a possibility of bonus points, but we would so LOVE to have TWO TROPHIES on the shelf for next term. We're nothing if not ambitious, after all!


In case you haven't discovered them yet, the House Unity Theme for this term is Craft-a-longs of all sorts. There is a Lingerie-along for all sorts of frilly underthings, a clap-along for the old favorite Clapotis, a Hat Trick Challenge in honor of our impending cup hat trick (three-in-a-row), a spin-along for the twisted ones ;) and a Carp-along for the sheer silliness! Check out the unity thread for all the links.

Breaking the OWL barrier

It seems there is a hex over the OWLs. The number of  finished OWLs is about 50% of the number of proposals. All the houses, every term, seem to hit around this number.

Slytherin, however, is aiming to break through this odd barrier with at least 60% OWL completion. Seashelly is doing her thwacking best, but frankly, we need to do our own work. (If whippings were OWLs we'd be set, though...) Work out what you need to do for your OWL each week, or each day, and do your best to complete it. Plot and plan and scheme (like a good Slytherin!) to make sure your OWL gets done.

Anyway, the Ravenclaws are going to outOWL us if we don't get a higher completion percentage than them.

And now for the pretty pictures part!

Polcamilla's transfiguration spin

Knitreaver's Detention socks

Mushroom's snail hat for DADA

Keep up the great work, everyone, and make sure you're having fun!

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