Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Mix

Welcome to WIN WIN WINter term! The hotties have been flat out this week, swatching for OWLs, whipping up the hot chocolate, and rescuing dizzy firsties from the top of the stairs.

Here in Australia it's a scorching Summer heat wave, and we started the term at 7pm. It has its advantages; there was plenty of time to submit an OWL and some detention, read all the class prompts, catch up in the lounge room of Doom Goat Inn, and make a spreadsheet or two. In other parts of the world the term started well after bedtime, and many a sleep-deprived snake was seen staring at Quidditch with their eyes crossed, reading the same sentence over and over until their heads spun.

But it all straightens out in a few days.

Day One of the term was extremely eventful, though! We seem to have submitted way more OWL proposals than anyone else * , and 26 are already approved, we bombed detention, posted classes within hours, and still had time for about 1000 pages of Common Room chatter.

Quidditch this term is looking fairly laid back. It took me a while to soak in the words at 2am, but in the end I came up with this summary, which helps me, and might help someone else...

You can do a or b or both, as you please. 

a. Choose one of the options in post 2. Spend all term making things that fit in this category, worth 15 points each. You can do up to 15, so it's potentially worth 225 points. 25-yard minimum is recommended but not law.
b. Wait for a "challenge" like the one in post 3. There is a time frame and  a 25-yard minimum.

Welcome to all the new students! The Hottie Room should be here somewhere, so find yourself someone Helpful ;) and settle in to work. My internet time is over, so I'm going back to Care of Magical Creatures now, while my OWL warms up on the stove ;) and Hugh swatches my next Order Mission for me. Hugs!

Come on, Jackman...

*Based on the number of posts that pop up when you search the OWL thread for the words Slytherin (70) Ravenclaw (43) Hufflepuff (40) and Gryffindor (40).

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