Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday!

It's Friday! It's Friday! Hooray, It's Friday! 

For many in the Snake Pit, Friday is the start to the weekend. Its the lead in to a few days of rest, relaxation and crafting.  Fridays are simply fantastic and this week, I'd like to do a quick Flashback of this week with a few notes from my Diminuendo Reports.

This biggest news story this week at the Doom Goat Inn was the Alan Rickman activities!

If you haven't been keeping up in the Doom Goat Inn Common Room - then you may not have heard about the festivities. While I could copy and paste the stories here... I think I am just going to share some links.
In short - kims, NNS & Snapelovinknitter had an epic journey in NYC. 
Check out the story (with lotsa pictures) from    kims post hereSnapeLovinKnitter's post here

 Please note that in the Snake Pit, AR often stands for Alan Rickman
 and also but not as oftenAncient Ruins. 

This is Alan Rickman - the photo is thanks to Kims! 

You may also recognize him as the Potions Master with the mostest - Professor Severus Snape. 

Also making headlines in the Common Room - 

 softnshiny has seemingly been hit by a SQUEE spell. 
I suspect the Puffs (or the Gryffs, or maybe even the Claws.)

Additionally - BrittneyK's keeper has found the origin of Doom Goat and shared with us- 
Planet Doom Goat. 


  1. Planet Doom Goat is so pretty!

  2. Swoon, wish I was there to see Seminar and AR in person.

  3. Also Ancient Runes :)

    When is Sev.... Alan Rickman visiting Australia!?