Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Detention: Crochet Spotlight

No, not a crocheted spotlight (though that could be really cool. Especially with an LED in so it would actually light up. Somebody should totally do that.). A spotlight on crochet. And specifically, colorful crochet!

INTERIOR - DOOMGOAT INN. Slytherins sit giggling around a softly spotlit runway. Hotties pass through the crowd, distributing extra pillows and hot drinks. As the house lights magically dim, an expectant hush falls across the room.

Lillerina is first, showing off a subtle blend of steel and rust.

GothKnitty comes next, swathed in all the colors of the Tardis.

LambChop00 follows, with a mischievous magical tug that seems to drain the deepest blue from GothKnitty's Granny Stripes and layer it into the Settlers Afghan. (Not to worry, though.- it's a simple illusion, and easily reversed.)

And finally, with a serene smile, Bidibid glides onto the runway in her True Colours Scarf.

The reverent silence is broken by whistles, cheers, and applause so thunderous that one of the hotties bursts into tears and has to be soothed with cupcakes. But in all that noise of celebration, no one, not one single Snake, is heard to squee.

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