Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cage Match!

It turns out there was an irregularity in the hottie contest this week.

Viggo Mortensen was nominated and looked to be the winner, but it was revealed that his nomination picture was photo-shopped by unknown perpetrators. The original photo was of Gerard Butler!

Once challenged, Viggo wasn't about to back down, and Gerard wasn't being discounted from the hottie crown quite so easily! "Foul" was called and a cage match broke out between the two martial artists in question.

Not wanting to be left out, both Jet Li and Mark Decascos joined in! It looked to be absolute chaos, with no champion emerging, but suddenly, out of nowhere ...

CHUCK NORRIS (apparently taking a break from World of Warcraft) leaped into the fray and gained the advantage with the use of his extra "beard-fist."

While no clear hottie winner will be announced this week, I think this cage match will not soon be forgotten.

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