Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to the Spring 2011 Term

Welcome Slytherins to the Spring 2011 term! I hope everyone is ready for another exciting term here at the House Cup. I would like to take this time to welcome all of the first years as well as our transfer students from other houses and hope you enjoy your time here in Slytherin. Also welcome back to all returning Snakes.

There are just a few things I want to remind everyone before I forget. First, please keep in mind that you are required to complete one class each month to mantain an active status here at the House Cup. This means classes. Detention projects, OWLs, and Quidditch do NOT count for the one class a month requirement. But if for some reason you are unable to complete a class for the month, please let your Big/Middle Snake, one of the Prefects, the Head Girl, myself (Head of House), or the School nurse know what is going on. This is to insure that you can maintain your status for the next term and we can be assured you just haven’t vanished off the face of the planet. But if you do vanish off the face of the planet, then please tell The Doctor that I said “hi”.

Next I would like to address the Snake Nests. There are 10 Nests with one Big Snake and two Middle Snakes. This will be our second term where every Snake is in a Nest. It seemed to have gone over well last term so this was continued into the current term. First years, this can be of great help to you. The upperclass Snakes are a fountain of knowledge. Feel free to use them. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you have them. Also if you are having issues, please let your Big Snake or one of the Middle Snakes know.

And to wrap things up there are just a few things to keep in mind as you settle into the Snake Pit.

Disagree = awesome. So if you have noticed that the “disagree” button on your post has been pushed it simply means someone thinks you are awesome. So don’t be sad.

Feel free to post pictures of your favorite hotties. Please do post the name so that curious Snakes are able to look up more pictures. Also keep in mind that not everyone may already know who the person is and would greatly apprectiate a name. And lastly keep in mind that full frontal nude shots are a no-no. Please keep your hotties appropriately covered.

Don’t think you have to keep up with all the threads. I know it can be a bit overwhelming at times. And don’t feel that you have to do everything. All I ask of every Snake is that you complete one class a month. Every project counts. Every point counts. Please do not hurt yourself trying to do more than you are cabable of completing in a month.

I am sure that if I have forgotten something, then the lovely and talented Head Girl suenosdejmi will let me know. Thank you. Enjoy the term and let’s get the House Cup back where it belongs.

Slytherin Head of House

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