Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bunches and bunches of Bunnies!

Hello fellow Slytherins!

This month's Unity Theme is "A Rabbit's Amortentia," and we are celebrating not only the usual romance-themed holiday of February, but the Chinese New Year, which heralds the Year of the Rabbit in 2011. This should be a lucky year because, well, a rabbit has four lucky feet, so four times the luck! But seriously folks, lots of great projects have been posted to celebrate this theme, and I'd like to share some of them here (that have not already been shared in a previous blog post).

We even had some inter-house participation! This yummy-looking chocolate bunny was left in the Dungeon in the general vicinity of Prof. Snape's office by a Ravenclaw, luminea.

Rivetkitten knows what boys bunnies want ... a little tail!

Joseybug helped nurture the bunny nugget invasion of the Dungeon!

Spike contributed a sweet, innocent-looking bunny peep (I'm sure it's just marshmallow and sugar, nothing hidden inside):

Peanutzmom made this adorably cuddly bunny blanket:

GothKnitty made her Flame Bunny to represent the New Year as well as the fires of Imbolc, and also contributed a very cute, if humbly-named, Roadkill Bunny Blanket:

Canadiadry stuffed this sweet little bunny, not with a love potion for humans, but with catnip to win her cats' playful affections:

Seakame celebrated the Chinese New Year by cleaning out any bad luck from the old year with her pretty Chinese Waves dishcloth.

Rockinsticks portrayed her rabbit Lucky dancing under the constellation Lepus to celebrate the new year in her clever calendar cover (try to say that quickly five times):

Snowqueen73 charmed the house with this adorable Mr. Bun-Buns:

Oshelle crafted another cute bunny to add to the army, as well as another yummy chocolate bunny inspired by luminea's project:

I'm sure there will be many more great projects added before the month is up, so keep checking the thread for February Slytherin Unity to see what else is in store!


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