Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manic Mania

As a first year student it can be a little overwhelming getting familiar with all of the goings on around this place. Between classes, Quidditch, the various challenges going on and OWLS this Slytherin needs to figure out how to balance all that AND still be able to pull some pranks, hex students from other houses and short sheet their beds.

One of the most exciting aspects is being allowed to sit for the OWLs. Being able to plan a larger project that I have been lusting after for awhile and getting points for it so our house wins the cup is awesome. The only issue is that my list of projects I would like to do has increased due to everyone else's OWLs.

Then there is St. Mungo's express. Aiming for anything less than permanent residency would be just silly for me, since I am a bit crazy as it is. I wonder if they put name plates on the doors and they will let me bring my cauldron and potions into my room to continue my experimentations. Reminder that the last day to buy a ticket is January 20.

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