Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things to Do During Term Break!

By this point, your trunks should be packed and you should just about be ready to head home for term break. (I know, I know, stop crying already!) But, are you ready for a month without the House Cup? (You aren't, me neither!)

For those of you who can't take a month of not doing something HPKCHC related, there are some activities going on that you can participate in. Since August isn't part of a term, there are no House Cup points, and all activities are just for fun. Ready to jump in? Here's the list:

  • Cattiekins is teaching Ancient Ruins as an August only class. *snort* Head on over to the classroom if you want to participate. Class starts August 1st.
  • Needlesnswiffers and myself are hosting Exploding Snap as an August activity. Snap also starts on August 1st. This was a Hufflepuff only activity during a previous term break and went so well that NNS wanted to take it Cup Wide. And you know me, I just couldn't keep my nose out of it! :) Also assisting us are Sea-Jelly and BoppingBeth
  • We've been invited to participate in activities being held by Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw's hosting a Summer Reading Program that starts August 1st (info here ) and Gryffindor's doing a read through of the HP series (info here ) I'm uncertain where the Gryffindor one is being organized at (or if it is), but it's the only Activity on this list that will go past the start of next term.
  • There's one more super secret activity that I'm pretty sure Z12 is plotting for August, but that's coming later!
  • Last but not least, the Dungeon will stay hopping all break long as we chatter and have fun. So stop by the Slytherin Common Room in the Cup group, or visit the Dungeon group for chatter and other topics. I highly recommend the Owl plotting thread, lets get a jump on next term's awesome!
Long story short, there's plenty to do during the term break! Feel free to jump in somewhere, or nowhere at all! It's been a wonderful term Slytherin, sorry for the poor blog updating, next term will be better, honest!

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