Saturday, May 1, 2010

Memo's from St Mungos

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cozy-a-long ideas:
We are planning one class to have a Cozy- a- long for this month. seakame is organizing the list of participants but we thought we would make a list of suggestions!
There are key cozies, tea pot cozies, mug cozies, hot water bottle cozies, iPod cozies, fruit cozies, kitty cozies, camera cozies... think outside the box or *inside* the box, especially when it is bigger on the inside. ;)

Of course there is the ouroboros for those searching the Chamber for History of Magic or even the Witch hat tea cozy ... who is to say Ole Sal didn't have a lady friend?

How about a wine bottle cozy for those adventurous Snakes? You could add a rune or felt a flower and add it on if you want to do a cozy for Herbology or Ancient Runes.

Or here is one with flowers already on it.

If you are looking for a bunny theme for Charms? how about a bunny can cozy ?

This one fits for Potions or Herbology!

Aww! Who can say no to a sock monkey or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Perfect for Potions

And for DADA... Queue searching until you come across a cozy! Easy Peasy :D Some examples are Jensta79 , Lupingirl has a french press cozy ....number 42 in her queue. Princess Onica has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cozies in her queue- number 235.
for the slightly off the wall Isisonearth has Wand cosy at number 19 in her queue

And here are a few more Knit patterns and Crochet patterns

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