Monday, January 18, 2010

Quidditch Uniform Details

This information is all available in Posts #607-609 in the Quidditch Pitch thread, but for ease of finding later, here is a rundown on the Quidditch Uniforms for the Ravelympics.

Your esteemed (*snort*) Captain has had been struck down by inspiration! (No seriously...I had to pick myself off the floor after I ran to the boy in the back room to share my idea...oops). And I have been dying to share the idea for about a week...but waiting a bit felt I did.

Because we, as the sly, ambitious, cunning, scheming, and plotting types, use our brains at a near constant rate in order to remain ahead in life, our Team Uniforms, (a.k.a. the thing you'll be theoretically wearing while crafting for the Ravelympics) will follow a single theme: Simple Head Adornments.

When I say simple, you should be able to craft this item in about a week or less so that you're ready for the Ravelympics (though I realize that by posting this early you have significantly longer than a week to craft your uniform). So, think about what you can pull off in a week or less, and starting thinking about how to fit in head adornments.

What do I mean about head adornments? Something that decorates your head in some way. We all have a head. Presumably we all have at least some of the part of the head's accessories (eyes, ears, eyebrows, nose, rounded dome part that may or may not have hair on it). You could make a hat, like a House beanie or House beret, a headband like a Calorimetry or a Kells Headband, or get creative and make half a Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth and call it a headscarf. You could make a hood like the Riverbanks or a Snood or if you want ease and simplicity, just a strip of garter stitch long enough to wrap around your head will do. Crocheters: creativeyarn has some awesome crocheted head-adornment patterns...and they look pretty simple and quick to me!

But it must be a head adornment. No scarves, unless it's a hooded scarf, like the POW! Hooded Scarf, because your neck is not your head (logical, yes?). A cowl is okay, if it can also be used to cover your head in some way, like an Ice Queen If you can do either of those patterns in a week, I expect great things from you for the Ravelympics. Just sayin'.

What pattern you choose is up to you as long as you decorate some part of your head and you can get it done quickly. If you're not sure if what you're thinking meets the requirement, run it by me first. If you need House Colors, talk to [abycat](person). She's the Sharing Beater in charge of getting people the yarns they need.

Now, the "One Rule" this term. You must use **BOTH** House Colors. That is, green and some sort of silver/gray-like color. This can be achieved with a great varigated or self-striping yarn, but it might be easier to go for separate yarns. Up to you. You may also include black or white-ish/natural colors as accents as long as they comprise no more than 10% of the total project.

Your projects must be done in time for the beginning of the Ravelympics on February you can shoot for beginning around the 5th of February if you want, though you could start right now if you'd like. And for fun so I can spy, please tag your project, whatever it is, with "slyquiduniform" (that's my own request, not from our esteemed Coach, GazeboGal and Assistant Coach, though they may love to search it themselves.)

Please direct any questions via PM....and post pictures! Your Seeker, TurpentineChai, must post a photo montage of our Ravelympics participants wearing their uniforms by February 20th and anyway, your captain loves pictures:) I don't know if she has anything special planned for the montage, but I'm sure if she has a special photo orientation in mind, she'll let us know.

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  1. haha! Did you try to earburn outside of ravelry [Z12](person)?