Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dungeon Pretties

So, term is off to a good start, lots of O.W.L.s have been approved so far for the noble house of Slytherin, class assignments are starting to trickle in at a steady pace and the pretties are starting to appear in the common room (and I'm not just talking the hotties here).

Talking of OWL's take a look at the very stylish Deputy Headmistress hilltopkatie, in her Owls sweater, handed in for detention in which she can't nominate herself for a prize but understandably wants to show it off. I have to agree and so wanted to show it off here where all of the Slytherins can ooo and aaahhhh.
Last term the common room was bursting
with very pretty handspun yarns by the
fabulously talented Slytherins who not only produced their own but shamelessly encouraged many of the rest of us to give it a whirl. So far this term things have been quiet but exect to see more as term progresses. So to encourage more of this show and tell about the pretties here is
PEby's beautiful Slytherin Handspun
and my own small offering, the colour was given as garnet but it's far more purple that I would expect a garnet to be, so I've called it garnet night.
I hope this little bit of encouragement inspires more pretties for me to show on the blog.


  1. Ooooh! Aaaahhh!
    Yay, things to drool over!

  2. Katie, your sweater is gorgeous! You're amazing! And yay lots of yarn!